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What We Do

Our belief is that the best way for companies to succeed in the long run is by having the right team. The most innovative companies have bold missions e.g. going to Mars. Yet, the first step in reaching that goal is by building the right team.

Terminal 1 is assembling the best team to create a future where individuals end up on the right team. Our engineers and recruiters are collaborating to create the best tools and service.

As we expand, we aim to deliver a platform that can be seamlessly integrated by any company looking to build their winning team. 

Our work at Terminal 1
Terminal 1 is building the future of recruitment

An interview about the future of recruitment with some people working at Terminal 1.


Where do you see the future of the recruitment industry going

"Recruiters will be more focused on candidates. They will focus their efforts on how to help candidates instead of searching for candidates. Candidate and client management will have more emphasis on soft skills. In general, the recruitment industry will be more focused on matching than searching."

Head of Data Scientist
Kirill Pavlov

Where do you see the future of the recruitment industry going?

"Currently, the recruitment industy as a whole is highly fragmented and there’ll be massive consolidation. The advent of AI, Machine Learning and automated platforms is going to push out a lot of recruitment companies that cannot adapt. Large companies are going to acquire smaller ones."

Principal Consultant - Fintech
Jack Pan

What the role do you see T1 playing in the future recruitment industry ?

"T1 is in a good position to lead the change to a more data-driven and objective way of doing recruitment."

Head of Software Engineering
Roger So

What do you say T1's approach vs traditional recruitment firms?

"Definitely better. It’s been proven that tech-enabled companies are hugely focused on solving problems in an effective way. Also, modern firms have a lot of experience as well as tried and tested methods of solving problems."

Head of Product
Spencer Ying

Where do you see the future of the recruitment industry going?

"It will become very much digitalized. Everything will happen online, using technology."

Head of Admin
Jennifer Chan

Our culture at Terminal 1
We are not only working, we are having fun out of it

"Learning new things, having fun, changing the industry" are frequently heard here at Terminal1. 


Does T1 culture improve your engagement and productivity, if so, how?

Yes it does improve my productivity and engagement. T1 pushes me to continuously question my own values and ways of doing things. In essence my boundaries are pushed and it allows me to contemplate many different ways of thinking. 

William Whittle
Managing Consultant - Technology

Does T1 culture improve your engagement and productivity, if so, how?

"I think so. Because T1 is a very warm place and everyone is very attached to the company, I feel like I’m contributing towards the success of the company. The way T1 is, makes me engaged."

Sze Mak
Operation Executive

Does T1 culture improve your engagement and productivity, if so, how?

"Yes. Because of the flexibility we are given, instead of making me more lazy, it makes me more focused on how to self-manage."

Jennifer Chan
Head of Admin

Does T1’s long term mission align with your personal passion and career goal, if so, how?

"My personal career goal is harmony. To feel at peace with the world. T1’s mission is to align great people with great work. My passion at T1 is to create an environment where people can find their place where they can shine."

Spencer Ying
Head of Product

First 3 words come in your mind about T1

"Agile, Impactful, Collaborative."

Sara Choi
Head of HR
kev .jpeg

Do you enjoy working here? Why?

Yes. I chose T1 because I have the chance to be involved in decision making here. There is a difference between making a great product and how to make a product great. In T1, I am getting the balance of both.

Kev Lai
Full Stack Developer