SLA Backed Recruitment

A recruiting system to supercharge your hiring needs
Terminal 1 is the only recruitment firm with engineers and recruiters and we’ve built a system for recruiting that can supercharge your hiring needs. Within these roles we’re confident no other firm or HR tech platform can provide the same level of service.
Our Guarantee
We dedicate ourselves to helping you
find your ideal candidates.

  • 60-80

    calls to many passive candidates every month.

  • ~3-8

    assessed and qualified candidates shortlisted.

  • ~1-2

    hires that are a good fit for your company.

Our Talent Sourcing Process

How T1 Works With You

Our streamlined interview process removes redundant meetings, gathers information more efficiently, and gets the offer out quicker with a better candidate experience.

Kick-Off - We meet and understand your needs and roles

Calls - We make 60-80 calls to passive candidates

Assessment - We tailor assessments to your needs

Shortlist - We shortlist ~3-8 candidates with usually 1-2 hires

How You Work With T1

We work with you in a standardized way that enables better performance and reduce cost of hire.We’ll work well together with these criteria met:

Job Descriptions - We cover technical desks

Assessments - Use our assessments to qualify candidates

Interviews - Have only 1 onsite interview for candidates

Rejections - Refer assessed and rejected candidates to us

Our Competencies
Fully understanding your hiring needs

Our technical account managers specialize in building a bridge between your engineering and HR departments by fully understanding your engineering requirements and codifying them into recruiter-optimized job descriptions, pitch lines, assessments, and interview best practices.

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Our Competencies
We dedicate ourselves to providing you with a positive experience.